snarky texts

Graham: how do I tell appendicitis from food poisoning
Tori: where does it hurt
Graham: my ear
Tori: smartass. is it left, right, or dispersed across
Graham: dispersed. actually based on recent developments I think it’s food poisoning phew
Tori: appendicitis tends to be localized unless your appendix is ruptured, in which case you would probably be curled up cursing god for his unfairness or something
Graham: I am but that’s just my thursday habit
Tori: Legit. I’m gonna go sleep off a fever now. Enjoy your explosive vomit/diarrhea!
Graham: Woo! Have a snot party

[3:33 PM] Willow: should i go to the doctor for this eye cyst thing?
[3:33 PM] Graham: yes
[3:34 PM] Willow: i guess i have nothin else to do.
[3:34 PM] Graham: or just go for a walk
[3:34 PM] Graham: ugh
[3:34 PM] Willow: haha
[3:34 PM] Graham: you fucking commie canadian socialist scum
[3:34 PM] Graham: you just go to the doctor for fun?
[3:34 PM] Willow Kaspryk: mhmm
[3:34 PM] Graham : you asshole that costs like $150 for us